The Confession Project

The purpose of The Confession Project is to help Christians and their families more easily access, understand, and memorize classical orthodox Christian confessions and creeds. The Confession Project uses a unique interactive design to acheive this goal. No matter your denomination, The Confession Project will give you a better grasp on the beliefs of the Christian Faith.

Right now The Confession Project Features the Westminster Confession of Faith, the West Minster Shorter Catechism, the Nicene Creed, the Athanasian Creed, and the Chalcedonian Formula (AD 451).

Matthew Griffin is the designer of The Confession Project. He is the writer of Mirificam Press and an independent web designer in Midland, TX under the name 6House Design. Mathew is also a husband and father and a member of the Presbyterian Church in America. He has been designing websites professionally since 2002.

“I developed the concept for The Confession Project after writing a series of articles discussing the effect of design on our interpretation of the Bible and other Christian writings. As I researched this topic, I came to the conclusion that the modern Christian application of design is woefully underdeveloped, especially in the area of interactive design. Where other philosophical movements have used the tools of modern design to clarify their ideas, the Christian communinty has been relatively silent; choosing instead to rewrite classic Christian ideals using more and more child-like language.”

These Truths We Confess...